Lemmy’s Facial Warts Google Steet Mapped In Error.

Rocker, Lemmy from Motorhead was shocked to find his face had been Google mapped whilst he was asleep in front of his TV. The ageing rocker had fallen asleep whilst watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and was woken up by the noise of the Google street car careering into his over sized facial warts.

“I nearly spilled my hot chocolate  all over my leather trousers and I still can’t get the tyre marks out of my suede slippers. I couldn’t believe they actually mapped  my warts it’s almost as bad as when a gang of kids in my road tried to use my warts as space hoppers last Christmas.”

Google have apologised for the incident and put the error down to a novice Street Map driver confusing the over sized warts as parts of Lemmy’s place of birth, Stoke.

“I just noticed this wide ugly expanse and assumed I was mapping either Blurton or Newstead in Stoke. Imagine my surprise when I realised it was a rock stars wart riddled face I was actually driving around.” Brian Ferguson explained.

Google are still under some scrutiny after accidentally mapping Anne Widdecombe’s  thong whilst she was busy practising her Fandango at the Strictly Come Dancing studios.

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