Bulk Of The North West Not Happy With Lack Of Snow.


The majority of people living in the North West of the country are less than happy over the lack of snow it has received compared to other parts of the country. Whilst the East, North and South have been hit with near arctic weather the North West has merely had a couple of frosty mornings and a slight blanket of snow. 

Experts have confirmed that this lack of bad weather has resulted in a disproportionate amount of moaning for the majority of the nation compared to the North West. 

Good news however, has been reported today which it is hoped will make the North West just a miserable in the coming weeks as everyone else in the country is. Experts have confirmed that a Siberian wind and snow is expected to sweep across the country and hopefully leave the Nations roads and transport system its usual shambolic mess for this time of the year. 

Glen Goldstrap, 45 year-old teacher from Bury was still disheartened upon hearing the news. 

“It’s been damned hard getting through the day without having a weather related, woe is me, type of conversation with your friends and colleagues. Normally by now I would have expected to have had to call in and taken the day off work due to abandoning my car because of the ice and snow. So far I have only had a mild case of man flu to concentrate on.’ 

Jane Robinson, an office worker from Preston was equally disappointed with the recent weather conditions. 

“It’s been rubbish to say the least. Only today it was announced on local radio that local councils purchased extra salt supplies in advance to ensure that the roads are suitably gritted this year. Where is the fun in that? Now I will be unable to have a right good moan about how rubbish the council is when the roads freeze over.” 

Jason Hunter, IT Technician from Crosby had this to say about the lack of moaning opportunity. 

“I wouldn’t mind there is an excellent Jeremy Kyle show on today about a woman who has had 10 children to 5 different men and sold them to science for experimental research. If I was off today I would be snuggled up in front of the fire now. It looks like I am going to have to record it on my Freeview box because of the work shy snow. I wouldn’t mind I voted Tory in the last election purely so I could be a right miserable sod for the next 4-5 years and this happens.” 

The coalition government has confirmed that the recent lack of winter conditions in the North West definitely have nothing to do with the Chancellors austerity measures.


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