Sales of Anti-Magnets Go Through the Roof As New Bra a Knickers Go On Sale

The daily battle to fasten and unfasten a bra using those tricky hooks and eyes could be over for good. As a collection of French lingerie in which the fastenings are replaced with tiny, almost invisible magnets goes on sale this week.

The bra comes with a matching pair of ‘clip-on, clip-off’ knickers, which have magnetic strips at the sides.

Barry Skilton, a 39 year-old bachelor from Skegness was the first to queue outside his local electrical shop when he heard the news.

“I cannot believe it, this is the kind of thing dreams are made of!” panted Barry as he stood salivating at the prospects this new product could open up for him.

“I was so excited the first thing I did was to visit Frank at my local electrics store to see if he can order me a pair of anti-magnifying gloves. “

Daisy Bunton, head buyer for lingerie at a popular department store, said: “Fumbling to unhook a bra strap can actually be quite a passion killer. This is the biggest innovation in the underwear market for years. Those moments wasted with the bra fumble can now be put to much better use.’

Mary Hinge from Birmingham was sceptical about the worth of this new product on the market. “They would have to come with industrial magnets to hold onto my F cups? He’ll either end up having a black eye or a broken foot once these babies pop out.”

Sales are increasing daily according to the manufacturers as word of mouth spreads about the product.

Elsie Dalton a PA from London asked, “Does this mean the next time I call a Plumber out to sort my washing machine for me I could find myself getting stuck on his monkey wrench?”

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