For Those Not Interested In Kate and Williams Royal Wedding

                                                                                                  Kate and Williams wedding not for everyone

Donald Trump’s Obama Rants To Be Made Into A Movie

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News In Brief: Navel Hair Party To Be Thrown Today

Neighbours of Dwayne Buckmeyer of Coral Springs, Florida threw a surprise party to celebrate at long last the removal of Dave’s excessive navel fluff. The 23 year old who has penchant for going topless during the long humid summer days was embarrassed into removing his excessive fluff after a near fatal car crash. The incident … Continue reading

Olympic Committee Not Happy With The London 2012 poster

The Rank News Magazine April 17th 2011

The Rank News Magazine stuffed to the brim with celebrity gossip, news, views and reviews.  Related Articles The Rank News Magazine April 2011 ( Celebrity Gossip ( The Rank News Magazine 25 March 2011 (

Gaddafi Reveals New Libyan Breakfast Cereal

Gaddafi accused of using cluster bombs on civilians, fuelling calls for allied ground troops to move in Related Articles Gaddafi forces ‘use cluster bombs’ ( Gaddafi accused of using cluster bombs on civilians, fuelling calls for allied ground troops to move in ( Gaddafi forces using cluster bombs, claim rebels ( Gaddafi forces using cluster … Continue reading

Icelandic Phallus Museum Receives Surprise Package

An unusual museum in Iceland that only contains animal penises, has today announced the arrival of their first ever human exhibit. The Iceland Phallological Museum is located in the fishing town of Húsavik and, until today, contained two-hundred-and-nine animal “penises and penile parts”, including every single species of land mammal in Iceland; except one. Now, … Continue reading

The French Introduce The World To Another Of Their National Pastimes

An Air France Airbus has clipped the tail of a commuter plane while taxiing at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport. The smaller Comair jet could be seen spinning violently on its wheels as a shower of sparks fell from the impact point just after 2000 on Monday. The Paris-bound Airbus A380 carried 495 passengers … Continue reading

The Rank News Weekly Horoscopes 11- 15 April

Aries Your inability to be on time for work and the little matter of  your final written warning meeting with management and personnel pays off today when you turn up at your office only to see it in flames. Try to suppress your smile whilst your colleagues scream. Leo Your plans to take over the … Continue reading

The Rank News Magazine 9 April 2011

The Rank News Magazine for 9 April 2011. Full of news, views and celebrity gossip to delight you with on this lovely spring day. Guess what your man will not be picking up this weekend whilst it is sunny outside and a full weekend of sport is on the TV Related Articles The Rank News … Continue reading

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