News In Brief: Navel Hair Party To Be Thrown Today

Dwayne After His Trim

Neighbours of Dwayne Buckmeyer of Coral Springs, Florida threw a surprise party to celebrate at long last the removal of Dave’s excessive navel fluff.

The 23 year old who has penchant for going topless during the long humid summer days was embarrassed into removing his excessive fluff after a near fatal car crash. The incident occurred when a pigeon tried to set up home in Dave’s navel thinking that it was a ready-made nest. The ensuing confusion by the bird caused Dave to step out in to the road in front of on coming traffic. Thankfully Dave’s girlfriend was at hand to pull the fluff meister to safety.

After hearing of the incident Dave’s family, friends and neighbours decided to collectively throw a party when it was confirmed that Dave was ready to cut the excessive fluff growing out of his belly button.

The party starts at 7.30 this evening and after the ceremonial fluff cut, Dave’s grandmother Glenda will be knitting her grandson a string vest from the hair removed from his navel as well as a fluff hammock for Dave to while the hot summer nights out on the porch.

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