Weekly Horoscopes 27-30 June 2011

Aries Friends seem to be making plans without you lately which is hardly surprising when your name is Ryan and you play for a Premiership Football team. Leo Feelings that your family have always hated rises to the surface today when your birthday present from them is a one way ticket to Switzerland to an … Continue reading

Readers Offer:

The Rank News Readers Exclusive DVD Offer Prince Charles as you have never seen him before Related articles Royal Couples Wedding DVD Shocks Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip (ranknews.wordpress.com) Highgrove House: The Prince of Wales’s Home and Garden, A Documentary (royalcorrespondent.com) How Conventional Was Charles and Diana’s Wedding? (history.com) See Kate Middleton and Prince William’s … Continue reading

Royal Couples Wedding DVD Shocks Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip

The World In Shock After Bono Confirmed Not Drowned At Mud Filled Glastonbury

Festival fans were contending with muddy mayhem at Glastonbury today after yesterday’s torrential downpours turned the 900-acre site into a quagmire. Every inch of Worthy Farm has become a mud bath as early arrivals gear up for the beginning of the main event tomorrow. Welly-clad music fans put on brave faces despite hundreds of tents … Continue reading

A New Breakfast Cereal To Help You Through The Day

Are you always frustrated during the day with your lack of human fibre? Zombie All Brain is the human flesh hunting  brain munching breakfast cereal for you. 9 out of 10 Zombies recommend All Brain when there are just no humans around to feed off. Related articles 30 Creative Breakfast Cereals – From Sci-Fi Breakfasts to Cereal … Continue reading

The Wayne Rooney Barbershop Toy Set Launched

Watch as Wayne Rooney’s hair grows back in minutes without the aid of a transplant brought to you by Play-Doh La. The new Wayne Rooney “Dad’s ‘n’ Lads Barbershop Play Set” in shops now. Watch as Wayne’s hair grows and grows just like the age of his OAP prostitutes.    Related articles Your view: did … Continue reading

Cameron’s U-Turn Causes Kenneth Clarke Some Pain

After Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke sparked a furore with comments suggesting he drew a distinction between “serious, proper rapes” and others Mr Clarke was back in the news again yesterday. David Cameron was accused of presiding over a ‘total mess’ on sentencing policy after he humiliated Kenneth Clarke by tearing up plans to halve  jail … Continue reading

Wayne Rooney At The Centre Of E Coli Scare?

Wayne Rooney has denied that the current E.coli outbreak gripping Europe this week has anything to do with his recent hair transplant. The 25 year old Manchester United and England footballer  who confirmed that he has had a transplant since the end of the English football season was shocked upon hearing that he is being … Continue reading

Enjoy A Tramp-Poo-Cino!

    A coffee shop is serving up coffee which is made from cat poo – for £9 a cup. It is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by an Asian Toddy cat and passed through its digestive tract. Kopi Luwak, or Civet coffee, is said to be one of … Continue reading

Richard Littlejohnson Introduces A Board Game For Bigots

Daily Mail readers. Do you struggle to find time in your hectic hatemongering schedules to shop for suitable presents for little Timmy and Jocasta that won’t warp their innocent little minds with modern leftist butchery? Well worry no more. Right-Thinking Games introduce the new board game that’s going down a storm in middle England. We … Continue reading

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