Richard Littlejohnson Introduces A Board Game For Bigots

Do you think Monopoly's for shirtlifters? And Risk's for Guardian reading Red scum? Then buy this game!

Daily Mail readers. Do you struggle to find time in your hectic hatemongering schedules to shop for suitable presents for little Timmy and Jocasta that won’t warp their innocent little minds with modern leftist butchery? Well worry no more.

Right-Thinking Games introduce the new board game that’s going down a storm in middle England. We are proud to bring you… ‘Political Correctness Gone Insane!’


‘Political Correctness Gone Insane!’ guarantees hours of narrow-minded fun for all the family. The object of the game? It’s simple. All you have to do is negotiate your way through another four years of loony Labour control of your local council without being locked up by the African-Lesbian Thought Police for speaking your mind. If you’re clever though, you can always cash in some of your lucrative share options for pipe tobacco and dungarees in a bid to bribe your way back into the game. 

Sounds easy enough? Well we’ve added some devilish distractions along the way so you’d better watch your step. One throw could take you to the safe haven of the golf club where you can relax and pretend it’s the good old days with the Brigadier over a port and lemon. But it could also take you into the depths of hell that is the benefits office, where your hard-earned nest-egg diminishes by one-tenth for every turn where you fail to throw a six. 

OK. So you’ve managed your way through all that. Now what? Each of you need to pick a card from the blue deck. You’ll each be given one example of human rights/health and safety liberal lunacy taken from the pages of The Mail and you each have one minute to rant about the injustice of the Communist pen-pushing do-gooders at the heart of local government and how they’ve turned this once-proud warrior nation into a land for scrounging, ungrateful backdoor-merchants. Whoever’s rant most closely matches the original Mail article in the accompanying rulebook shall be declared the victor. 

And at only £19.99 (which, as you well know is only a tiny fraction of a thieving AIDS-riddled asylum-seeker’s weekly dole money) for the peace of mind you’ll get from helping to ensure your self-serving petty bigotry is passed onto the next generation, can you really afford not to?

Buy ‘Political Correctness Gone Insane!’ now. It’s common sense!

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