Transfer News: John Terry Set For Switch To…. Rugby Union!

In an announcement set to rock the Premier League, cartoonishly-villainous Chelsea captain John Terry is set to turn his back on football and re-start his sporting career in Rugby Union.

JT probably won’t be playing for these guys eh?

The controversial England ace is believed to have grown weary of the mass opprobrium that has been hurled in his direction over the past three years following his many on and off-field indiscretions.It is believed that the recent controversy over Terry’s alleged racial abuse of QPR defender Anton (brother of Rio don’t you know?) Ferdinand has taken its toll on the scumbag stopper.

And the tipping point seems to have been reached by the bewildering under-reaction in today’s sports pages to the news that Northampton Rugby Union player Brett Sharman posted a repulsive racist comment on his twitter feed about Team GB Olympic hero Mo Farah.

In a brief press conference this afternoon, the f**king black c**t star said “Can you imagine the grief I’d have copped for that? Not even JT, legend, captain, leader could have recovered from the kicking I’d have got off the papers. And it was then that it occurred to me. If I do one to Rugby Union, I can have a go at all the blacks I want and no-one’ll give a toss.”

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