The Sun Apologises For Printing Pictures Of A Naked Ginger

Public outcry still surrounds the Sun newspaper after they released naked pictures of Prince Harry this week. The pictures have resulted in Royal disapproval and a written complaint to the press standards committee.The British tabloid owned by News International denies it is getting its own back on the British establishment by releasing the naked pictures taken whilst Prince Harry was on holiday in Las Vegas recently.

The Sun newspaper has however apologised for publishing pictures of a naked Ginger and hopes that the general public  were not made to vomit into their Cornflakes at the disgusting sight of the rusty Crown Jewels. They further stated that although such pictures in their mind were in the public interest they hold their hands up and confirmed never again would a ginger in the nude grace their lovely newspaper.

It is believed pictures of a naked Danny Alexander have now been destroyed by senior editorial staff at the newspaper.

In order to try and dampen the situation the Sun confirmed it would be printing a full-page spread of similar saucy pictures in tomorrow’s edition of its newspaper to satisfy its regular readers but not of royalty.

The Rank News has obtained a copy of one of the soon to be released pictures so that our viewers can see to what depths the Sun newspaper has sunk to.

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