Police Fear Safety Of Essex Lion


Police have confirmed that they are investigating eyewitness accounts of a lion roaming the Essex countryside.

Dylan Cartwright was walking his dog near Baintree last night  when he heard what sounded like a lions roar.

“I heard a loud roar at 10pm. It sounded like a lion,” he told the BBC.“It was worrying as we had just been for a walk with the dog. We saw the police helicopter but thought it was just searching for a person.

“It sounded like the roar of a lion. We have a field and wood just behind our fence, so you never know. My mates are going to be ‘Well Jell’ when they find out I was so close to a lion.”

Police have been hunting for the king of the jungle and fear for its safety.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ken Stott spoke of his fears after learning the lion had been roaming Essex without any clue to the danger it was placing itself in.

“The lion was heard but not seen near Baintree Essex yesterday evening. We have since had a phone call in the last half hour stating the lion was apparently seen entering a beauty salon on Manor road in Chigwell.”

“It appears the lion was looking for the best deals on a spray tan and blond highlights. We obviously now fear for lions safety and ask anyone with information to help with our enquiries.”

“We are concerned incase the lion happens to come in contact with any members of the TV show TOWIE. These people are dangerous and should not be approached by the general public nevermind a poor defenceless lion.”


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