Richard Littlejohnson: The Columnist Who Hates Kale

You’ve probably not heard about this Leftist agitator going by the name of Jack Monroe but let me tell you a story…




Once upon a time, some lazy clown “Jacks” their job in. Then the feckless piece of dirt, now claiming benefits, goes round typing up some recipes on a computer no less, and puts them on the internet. Well that’s bad enough isn’t it? But it gets worse!


It turns out this scumbag has the audacity to order british people to eat expensive and fancy vegetables like cabbage and, you couldn’t make this up, kale! Now I don’t know about you, living as I do in my millionaire gated community in Florida, but the day good honest British people start being force-fed lefty leaves is the day we might as well let all the scimitar-wielding Muslims have their way with our bottoms.


By the way Jack, get your haircut lad. You’re starting to look like a blinking girl!.

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