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British Comedy Awards 2014 Judges Revealed

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! The British Comedy Awards were broadcast live on tape from Wembley last night. The Writers’ Guild Award winner was Mrs Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll. But who are the secretive Writers’ Guild? We have an exclusive shot of them in the middle of their deliberations.

Sport Relief: Next Year’s Challenge?

After Davina McCall’s death-defying triathlon challenge helped Sport Relief make a record £51 million in donations, we can exclusively reveal that the bar will be raised higher than ever before next year. And this time, you get to pick which essentially well-meaning but vainglorious celebrity undertakes some sort of push-yourself-to-the-limit borderline foolhardy publicity stunt that … Continue reading

Big Question Asked During Rolf Harris Court Case

Tv celebrity Rolf Harris’s court case continues as big questions are asked of the Australian’s suspected sex offences.  

Richard Littlejohnson’s Christmas Message

HO HO HO! Is the appalling kind of urban gutter-talk that lefty agitators are insisting must come from Our Lord and Saviour Santa Claus this Christmas. For those of you thankfully not ‘in the know’ like the anything-goes tights-wearing pinkoes in the ‘media’ world (oooh hello Edward!), ‘ho’ is a rapper’s word for a prostitute. … Continue reading

Lib Dem Tough Guys Teach Tories A Lesson….In Blood!

  Hard-as-nails Liberal Democrat MPs last night finally fronted-up to their bullying Conservative masters in the Coalition by heroically abstaining from the Labour motion to scrap the Bedroom Tax that their own party conference officially rejected.   Bandana-clad rebel Simon Hughes urged the government to see if there should be further exemptions from the tax, … Continue reading

Prince Charles enjoys Camillas new look

  Prince Charles and Camilla enjoy their trip to India Related articles Prince Charles, Camilla get a glimpse of Kerala culture (thehindu.com) Musical welcome awaits Prince Charles and Camilla (dnaindia.com) Prince Charles and Camilla arrive in Mumbai (vancouverdesi.com) A Kumarakom experience for British royals (thehindu.com)  

Richard Littlejohnson: The Columnist Who Hates Kale

You’ve probably not heard about this Leftist agitator going by the name of Jack Monroe but let me tell you a story…     Once upon a time, some lazy clown “Jacks” their job in. Then the feckless piece of dirt, now claiming benefits, goes round typing up some recipes on a computer no less, … Continue reading

Syria Crisis Escalates

As Syrian crisis continues John Kerry confirms greater resolve is needed to fight Asad’s regime. Related articles U.S. Secretary of State: Several years may be required for political settlement of crisis (en.trend.az) John Kerry on Syria: Assad has one week to hand over chemical weapons arsenal and avoid attack (independent.co.uk) Syria crisis: latest (telegraph.co.uk) Kerry … Continue reading

Alternative Movie Posters: Pacific Rim

Who Knows What Monsters Lurk Beneath The Pacific Rim Related articles Guillermo del Toro Talks About Pacific Rim’s Formidable Female Lead And The Lack of a Love Story (themarysue.com) Why Pacific Rim Doesn’t Look Like Any Movie You’ve Ever Seen Before (io9.com) What Links Del Toro’s Pacific Rim and UK Soft Rockers Keane? (contactmusic.com) Unbelievable … Continue reading

British Summer Means?

It’s that time of year when the sun is out and the diet is thrown out of the window. Thankfully we have our new Abs to keep us looking in shape. Related articles British summer (xthumbelina.wordpress.com) the great british summer (gorgeoux.com) The Summer Save Up: Ten (or More) Ways to Save $20/Week This Summer (paramuspost.com) … Continue reading

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