US Army Pulls Out Of Iraq But One Platoon Lost In Transport Fights On

After the recent withdrawal of American Troops from Iraq news reaches our news desk that High Command are looking into a dangerous situation that may stall the current withdrawals. It has come to light that after a mix up with military orders a full platoon has fought in and around a Tie Rack Shop at … Continue reading

US Army To Pull Out Of Iraq But One Platoon May Have To Fight On A Little Longer

US Military confirms that a full withdrawal from Iraq is imminent. After 5 years of often intense fighting it looks like a withdrawal will happen sooner rather than later. The current conflict has entered an important stage, Pentagon sources have confirmed. However, it has come to light that after a mix up with military orders … Continue reading

Bin Laden in Global News Terrorists Exclusive Interview

This much I know Osama Bin laden, Terrorist and house wife, 45, Location somewhere in the world. I don’t need attention. Frankly I get far more than any one person should. I have been accused of being anti-social or was that the anti-Christ, well something like that. I like my privacy but who doesn’t these … Continue reading

Alien’s Are Amongst Us

It is 60 years since the world heard the words flying saucer to depict an unidentified flying object in the sky. And since that moment, millions of people around the globe have claimed to have seen or been visited by beings from another planet. Today we look at some of the reports from the archives … Continue reading

Guantanamo Bay Gives Up More ugly Secrets.

Officials at Guantanamo Bay have released footage of one of its inmates who until recently was a closely kept secret. Prisoner B has been held at the military base in Cuba for crimes against fashion and music. Reports have been made recently that a significant player in the war of terror had been kept at … Continue reading

American Missiles Ready To Go

America has denied today that it only postponed the shooting down of its military satellite in case it should be hurtling towards Tehran. Officials at NASA have refused to comment saying the choice is purely a military one and nothing they can comment on. General Karl Lutz confirmed that should the satellite near Iranian Territory … Continue reading

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