Archive News Special: American Public Go Ape After TV Debate

We open yet again our archives and reprint this report following the Republican Party’s live television debate from May 2007. The Republican Presidential Debate, raised more than a few hairy eyebrows a Local Kansas newspaper, Kansas City Plough reported. It would appear that Senator Brownback (Kansas), Governor Huckabee (Arkansas) and a member of the House … Continue reading

President Bush Gets Security Personal Touch

George Bush And Pope In Record Breaking Mistake

President Bush made another howler after seeing Pope Benedict on the news in a recent religious ceremony. President Bush assuming that the pope was competing in the Record Breaking spittoon attempt prepared himself for his very own attempt at the record. A spokes person for the Record Breakers Association would not deny nor confirm if … Continue reading

Bush In Denial Over Gay Movie Sequel

George Bush has denied he has been asked to play a gay cowboy in the sequel to the hit movie, Broke Back Mountain, Broke Back Mounting. President Bush is due to leave office once elections in America are over. Mr Bush has denied in the press that he wishes to go into acting once he … Continue reading

Fonda Says C- Word On US Television

“Jane Fonda inadvertently said a word that you don’t say on television. It was a slip and obviously she apologises and so do we,” Vieira said. “We would do nothing to offend the audience, so please accept that apology.” US broadcast standards and practices bar the use of the C-word and NBC, which is owned … Continue reading

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