McDonald’s Uses Bear to Deliver Food

McDonald’s has caused controversy by training bears to deliver their food in Canada. The bears are trained for approximately 6-8 weeks before they are ready to read addresses and deliver food to the correct address. The scheme has caused widespread condemnation for animal rights groups. One of theses groups was quoted as saying ” where … Continue reading

Paris Hilton In Adoption Sit-In

The trend in Hollywood of late has been to adopt children from under privilege countries. Previous years trends has been as we are all aware to have a miniature dog as a fashion item. Paris Hilton who is known in America for her love of trend setting denounced the move in the press yesterday after … Continue reading

Buckingham Palace In Menagerie Denial

Despite weeks of denials from palace officials thermal imaging has now revealed that the royal family are indeed harboring exotic animals inside the royal residence. The animals thought to be collected by Prince Phillip while on various Safari trips have now been exposed to the world. The GAME is now up. The queen is said … Continue reading

New Craze "Animal Juggling "

Various Animal Welfare groups have come together in condeming Animal Juggling. Mary Peterson who is head of ‘The World Animal Trust’ or TWAT as it is sometimes known said the practice is disgusting. She said today ” how can people justifiy juggling animals ?. We are recieving reports from all over the world about this … Continue reading

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