The Winner Of The Lights On But No One Is Home Award Goes To:-

AMY WINEO……. Miss Winehouse was seen recently carrying a lamp at a DJ gig in London. The ailing diva who is used to having the spot light on her decided it would seem to bring her own lighting just in case she was unrecognized? With an outfit like that Amy I doubt you would have … Continue reading

Amy Wino In Award Shock

Singer Amy Wino was shocked to be informed that she had been nominated for a National Heroine Award. Miss Wino who many deem a successful role model later kindly refused the award nomination when she realised her favourite illegal substance isn’t actually spelt with an “e” on the end of it.

Wino Not So Happy With Amount Of Grammys Won

When David met Margaret

Mrs Thatcher meets David Cummerbund at awards ceremony.

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