US Will Issue Travel Warning For Americans In Europe

The US government is to issue a travel alert, warning its citizens to be vigilant while travelling in Europe because of the threat of an al-Qaeda commando-style attack. US and UK officials have confirmed that updated guidance will be issued because of the current terror threat. Related Articles US contemplating travel alert for Europe ( … Continue reading

Americans To Give Up Cancer Treatment After Presidential Quote

Americans have welcomed a quote by President Obama in the book ‘Obama’s War’ by Bob Woodward Washington Post Staff Writer, in which he confirmed where the cancer is. ‘We need to make it clear… the cancer is in Pakistan’ Maurine Swartz, a 43 year-old mother of three from Fort Wayne, Indiana welcomed the news after recent … Continue reading

Silvio Berlusconi Has A Dr Evil Moment Whilst Weighing Up The Talent

Obama: ‘I screwed up’ over cabinet

George Bush Swallows His Pride At Contraception Clinic

Obama Confirms Intelligence Picks

Nintendo’s Brain Training, Dr Kawashima was both shocked and delighted at being given such a high profile position.

Bush Plans To Provide Practical Guide To Presidency For Obama

Surely some mistake? -Ed.

Obama Team Discusses New Stimulus Plan

Ohio Plumber Becomes Focus Of Debate

An Ohio Plumber became the focus of last nights presidential debate after both candidates confirmed that they are the real Joe Plumber. This nearly ended in a fight after Barak Obama accused John McCain of being in need of a plumber as his campaign was like his incontinence problem, leaking like a faulty tap and … Continue reading

McCain’s eye on the Maine chance

Mrs Palin is due to visit Bangor – the biggest town in Maine’s second congressional district – with her husband Todd, a snowmobile race champion whose renown extends beyond Alaska. The southern and coastal regions of the state are certain to vote for Barack Obama. In the north of the state, however, residents enjoy moose-hunting, … Continue reading

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