Bigfoot Find Found To Be A Hoax

An independent investigator in the US has proved that a man who said he’d had found Bigfoot’s remains was actually pulling off a hoax. ar yad_template_target=”_blank”;var yad_template_URL=new Array();var yad_checkVersion=”7″; yad_template_URL[1]=”*″; var yad_template_fv=”clickTAG=”+encodeURIComponent(yad_template_URL[1])+”&targetTAG=”+yad_template_target; var yad_template_swf=””; var yad_template_altURL=”*″; var yad_template_altimg=””; var yad_template_pos=”LREC”; var yad_template_w=300;var yad_template_h=250; if(window.yzq_d==null)window.yzq_d=new Object(); window.yzq_d[‘y0lDHFf4ahw-‘]=’&U=13ol6gi4u%2fN%3dy0lDHFf4ahw-%2fC%3d200096618.201630851.202928454.200493719%2fD%3dLREC%2fB%3d200853905%2fV%3d1’; Expert Bigfoot tracker John Buscati thought that the claim … Continue reading

This Weekends Global News Terrorists Magazine

Riverdance Crest Of The Waves Again?

LONDON (Reuters) – Passengers and non-essential crew were airlifted off a ferry that had been at risk of capsizing in the Irish Sea during a storm on Thursday and later ran aground, coastguards said.The Riverdance was hit by a freak wave 8 miles off the northwestern coast of England on Thursday evening and its cargo … Continue reading

Dr Who In Blackpool Who – Ha.

A flurry of complaints hit the Blackpool Dr Who Convention help-line when it was found that the current Dr Who actor David Tennant had been replaced with a locum.

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