Dan Brown Sequel Still Has World Scratching Its Head

Dan Brown’s last book which had broken all records for first day sales still has authors scratching their heads over its million selling opening day sales. The sequel to his first international hit “The Davito Code” suitably titled “The Lost Thimble” was met by near indifference from all quarters of the writing world. The new … Continue reading

Childrens Books They Never Wrote

The Global News Terrorists Book Club

The Global News Terrorists Book Club: Maybe In This Case?

REVIEWS:-One Of The Many Excellent Reviews Received From Fans

1. 2008-06-06 11:25:59 Devonhttp://www.devonsdiscountmall.com A truly magnificent site which parodies all the famous “newsmakers.” My favorites were the charming photo of Camilla Bowles and the Bushite postal stamps. I took time to look around the site, which is easily navigable, and I do wish that many others, particularly of the U.S. political far right troglodyte … Continue reading

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