Brokeback Coalition Outed By David Davis

David Cameron was last night facing a mounting backlash over his power deal with Nick Clegg after Conservative MP David Davis allegedly ridiculed the partnership as the ‘Brokeback Coalition’. The Right-winger won the private backing of some Tory MPs after reportedly comparing the link-up with the Liberal Democrats to Brokeback Mountain, the Oscar-winning film about … Continue reading

Cameron Bans Mobile Phone’s At Meetings: Maybe Not

Government: Darlings Budget Not As Empty As Tories Claim

I’m A Crank Get Me Out Of Here

The full might of the British Armed Forces is to be thrown behind getting our cranks out of an Indian hot spot it can be confirmed. A team of Special Forces operatives are on stand by to rescue two British plane spotters arrested in India this week. This was confirmed by a top civil servant … Continue reading

Cat Government Unhappy With Oppositions Ball Of Wool Tactics

Britain’s Cat government was in disarray today when the majority of its members were enticed to cross to floor of the house of parliament by a large ball of string. Prime Minister Tabby Brown spent the day coughing up hair balls when news of the devious action was brought to his attention. Security is currently … Continue reading

The Governments New Weapon Against Street Crime Introduced

British Parliament Shot In The Foot Over New Poster

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