Former Secret CIA Manual Goes On Sale

A CIA manual instructing US agents on the use of magic tricks during the Cold War has gone on sale. It was written in 1953 by magician John Mulholland. It includes deceptions such as spiking drinks, pocketing small objects and tying shoelaces to communicate in code. The CIA ordered copies destroyed in the 1970s, but … Continue reading

Cheney Defends Dark Side Interrogations

CIA Airlines Pick-Up’s In Most European Destinations

Guantamino Bay Earmarked For New Tourist Attraction Denial

Fairground groupie Sandy Brown, Idaho, upon hearing about the news confirmed, ” I am looking forward to the new Waterboard themed ride everyone is talking about but not quite happy about the funny coloured boiler suites we may have to wear!” The owners of the new attraction Continental Importers Attractions would not confirm nor deny … Continue reading

Obama Confirms Intelligence Picks

Nintendo’s Brain Training, Dr Kawashima was both shocked and delighted at being given such a high profile position.

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