Richard Littlejohnson : Why I’m Running For Pope

Last week, after speaking at one of my regular ‘Patriots Nights’ in the No Income Tax No VAT pub in Florida, many influential and political figures brought to my attention that there’s a vacancy at the top of the Catholic Church. Seeing a chance at making a real difference to a great religion, and more … Continue reading

Richard Littlejohnson Introduces A Board Game For Bigots

Daily Mail readers. Do you struggle to find time in your hectic hatemongering schedules to shop for suitable presents for little Timmy and Jocasta that won’t warp their innocent little minds with modern leftist butchery? Well worry no more. Right-Thinking Games introduce the new board game that’s going down a storm in middle England. We … Continue reading

Richard Littlejohnson : The columnist who doesn’t care what people do in the privacy of their own homes as long it’s not gay stuff

Oh William Hague, what were you thinking? Wearing that top with those shoes I mean, oooh! Only joking fellow right-thinkers. I’m talking about old slap-head Billy 12 pints’ conversion to bum-banditry of course. Never let it be said that your pal Rich only turns his laser-guided missiles of satire on the know-it-all champagne socialists of … Continue reading

Richard Littlejohnson : The columnist who loves Britain so much he lives in Florida

I see the lefties at the annual limp-wristed bumming-bonanza that is the Edinburgh Festival are up to their usual tricks again this year. Yet again they announce the shortlist for the Comedy Award and yet again my old mate Jim Davidson can’t get a look in. So rather than do the patriotic thing and recognise … Continue reading

Confirmed:Tory Newspapers To Run Out Of Nazi Stories After 2010 Shock

Both the Express and Mail newspapers will run out of Nazi wartime stories to fill its weekend editions within the next 12 months experts claim. The newspapers which regale over stories of Hitler and his SS henchmen each weekend are at crisis point we have been reliably informed. The situation came to a head when … Continue reading

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