Brokeback Coalition Outed By David Davis

David Cameron was last night facing a mounting backlash over his power deal with Nick Clegg after Conservative MP David Davis allegedly ridiculed the partnership as the ‘Brokeback Coalition’. The Right-winger won the private backing of some Tory MPs after reportedly comparing the link-up with the Liberal Democrats to Brokeback Mountain, the Oscar-winning film about … Continue reading

Government To Infect Citizens To Justify £1.24 Billion Costs

The Con/Lib government leader David Cameron announced yesterday that drastic measure are to be made after it was confirmed the true cost of  the recent flu pandemic. THE swine flu pandemic cost UK taxpayers £1.24billion in a “hugely expensive farce”, critics said last night. However, a report, commissioned by the Health Department, says lessons must … Continue reading

Daily Mail Readers Wowed By Cameron’s Ability To Walk

The Daily Mail newspaper expressed its amazement today when David Cameron placed one foot in front of another and walked on solid ground. The incident occurred when the Prime Minister walked to the House of Parliament instead of taking his customary chauffeur driven car. An eyewitness who was busy taking photographs for the newspaper confirmed … Continue reading

New Conservative Election Poster Pulled

Cummerbund Condemns 10% Rise In Cider

Asked about the increase in tax on cider, Mr Cummerbund said: “The Government has made a mistake. They don’t understand the West Country, they don’t understand this part of our country and they’ve got it wrong. “This just proves my party are the true Cider drinking political party in the Britain.” When asked if he … Continue reading

Torries Accused Of Fiddling Crime Statistics

Cummerbund’s Trike Stolen As He Shops

Conservative leader David Cummerbund says his tricycle was stolen after he left it locked outside a supermarket while he shopped near his home in west London.I only went in for a sherbet dab and a few gob stoppers and when I came out I found my trikey wikey was missing.

David Cameron In Party Logo Fiasco

David Cummerbund Leader of the Conservative Party has come under fire from his party after it was claimed that a family friends son was paid a quarter of a million for designing the Conservative Parties new logo. The traditional logo which was been replaced for some months now depicted an outstretched blue arm holding a … Continue reading

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