Limited Addition World Cup Card Game On Sale

TOP TRAMPS World Cup Card Game £3.99 In all good retailers now.

Henry Lands World Cup Place For France

Migrant Camps To Close In Calais And Move Closer To Britain French Minister Confirms

France has said it intends to close the camp in Calais known as “the jungle”, where migrants gather and move it to the Isle of White or possibly Dover. Immigration Minister Eric Besson told French television that the illegal gathering of tents and shelters should close imminently.The jungle has replaced official camps like Sangatte as … Continue reading

G8 Set New Realistc Financial Help For Poorer Nations!

G8 leaders today announced that they will no longer set unrealistic financial aid for poorer nations. This was due to both France and Italy failing to honour their pledge of financial help for Africa at the last G8 meeting in London. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced today that they have decided not to keep … Continue reading

Who Ever Did The Mime Did The Crime

After last night’s television documentary “Girl in a Box”, the real life case of an American hitch hiker who was kidnapped by a family and was locked in a box for 10 years unbeknown to her family. It has been brought to our attention that this isn’t a lone case at all. Our research team … Continue reading

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