Richard Littlejohnson Introduces A Board Game For Bigots

Daily Mail readers. Do you struggle to find time in your hectic hatemongering schedules to shop for suitable presents for little Timmy and Jocasta that won’t warp their innocent little minds with modern leftist butchery? Well worry no more. Right-Thinking Games introduce the new board game that’s going down a storm in middle England. We … Continue reading

Level 1000 Mafia Wars Player Now Wondering Where His Life Has Gone

A British man who has just been promoted to a level 1000 in Mafia Wars is now wondering were all his life has gone. Jimmy “Chicken Legs” Brown was walking on air yesterday evening when he achieved his ultimate wish by becoming a level 1000 Mafia Boss. The elation however, didn’t last long after he … Continue reading

China Able To Protest (unlike its people) Over New Nintendo Wii Game

European Bukaki Championships Start In Germany

Children’s Games That Just Didn’t Sell 2

Children’s Games That Just Didn’t Sell?

Buckingham Palace In Menagerie Denial

Despite weeks of denials from palace officials thermal imaging has now revealed that the royal family are indeed harboring exotic animals inside the royal residence. The animals thought to be collected by Prince Phillip while on various Safari trips have now been exposed to the world. The GAME is now up. The queen is said … Continue reading

Coming Next Weekend: Sosue -me The Great New British Puzzle

The Global News Terrorists Online are launching a brand new interactive puzzle. You can play puzzles online or print them off, and also play archived puzzles. How to play Sosue-me puzzles will appear daily at 2000 BST, with the solution appearing the following day As the week progresses the Sosue-me will increase in difficulty from … Continue reading

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