Richard Littlejohnson : Why I’m Running For Pope

Last week, after speaking at one of my regular ‘Patriots Nights’ in the No Income Tax No VAT pub in Florida, many influential and political figures brought to my attention that there’s a vacancy at the top of the Catholic Church. Seeing a chance at making a real difference to a great religion, and more … Continue reading

Gay Entity To Be Probed In Brighton Now In Doubt

A retired couple who recently moved in to their new bungalow in Brighton were shocked to find they were sharing it with a gay poltergeist it was reported this week in the Brighton and Hove Examiner. Arthur and Mary Ledbetter had only moved in to their bungalow a day when strange things started to happen. … Continue reading

Riot Police Called In At Elton John Party

At approximately 6.45am riot Police were sent into a private party at Elton John’s Mansion. It is believed the party which was attended by 80-100 men was to celebrate the release of his new record ‘Always enter through the back door’ which is out in 2 weeks. A senior Police chief was quoted as saying … Continue reading

Advertising Watchdog Slams New Price Comparison Advert

The Worlds Most Camp Football Kits

Priests Enjoy The New 3G i Phone

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