President Obama Pardons Turkey

Groundhog Day Goes Wrong!

American voters were forced to re-live George Bush’s presidency in shock groundhog daytime continuum portal.

George Bush Swallows His Pride At Contraception Clinic

Happy New Year Celebrations Gift To The People Of Gaza

As countries around the world celebrate the start of 2009 Hundreds of thousands turn up in Gaza to watch the celebratory fireworks. Unfortunately for the citizens of Gaza it was the Israeli Armed forces who where letting this years fireworks off in spirited attempt to oppress the people of Gaza. Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak … Continue reading

Bush Plans To Provide Practical Guide To Presidency For Obama

Surely some mistake? -Ed.

New Home In Dallas For The Bushes?

Surely not – Ed.

Wearing ‘Almost Homeless’ Sign, Ex-President Seeks Work

Like a parody of each other two men in America find themselves looking for employment. Former toy industry executive, Paul Nawrocki who has been walking the streets of New York looking for work since February 2008 and soon to be former President George Bush. Mr Bush who has been very successful in mis handling Americas … Continue reading

Summit Pledge To ‘Restore Growth’

Global leaders at the G20 financial summit in Washington have pledged to work together to restore global growth. President George Bush said that he assumed these small children would grow taller with age but it looks like the world will have to step in and help. Mr Bush confirmed that the United States would be … Continue reading

On General Release Now

Archive News: North Korean Nuclear Test

So, North Korea have tested a nuclear weapon…allegedly! Reports in today claim it could well have been a stray US missile from the 1st gulf war. “It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve missed the target”, said a US General. Condemnation has been widespread across the globe. In the UK, Tony Blair frowned, in France, … Continue reading

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