US Governments Bail-Out Plan Hits A Snag

The Worlds Leader Puts America In The Picture

President George W Bush has said that legislators will “rise to the occasion” and pass the Wall Street rescue plan. In a statement he said that there are still disagreements because, “the proposal is big and the reason it’s big is because it’s a big problem”. By Lance Spelling

Palin In Crash Course In Foreign Policy?

US Republican vice-president candidate Sarah Palin has met world leaders for the first time in what is widely seen as a crash course on foreign policy. Sarah Palin’s assistant confirmed that her first meeting went well over a Happy Meal lunch. Republican insiders have denied that Palin and the first head of state she met … Continue reading

Bush Denies Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Hit America As Hard As Previously Thought

Bush Gives McCain His Blessing

George Bush Squares Up To Vladimir Putin Over Georgia

Yee Haw Yee Haw is echoing around the White House as Barmy George gets a last chance to vaporise humanity.Our source within the White House said “Oh Sh*t.” Duck and Cover. By SLAP

George Bush Tells Russia To Lay Off Georgia.

Bush Joins The Tush Slapping Championship At Beijing Olympics

Mr Bush took time out from it all and enjoyed the delights of the Beijing Olympics. It looked to all the world that President Bush was concentrating on bringing home the Gold for his country even if it was such a painful experience for him?????

George Bush Tells Chinese Counterpart "America Won’t Stand For Human Rights Abuses"

George Bush In Off Shore Drilling Boob

President Bush made another of his famous goofs yesterday when questioned on his views regarding off shore drilling. Mr Bush said that he was happy with his current dental plan and had no need to seek treatment outside of the country.

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