Gordon Brown Gives Reaction To General Election Chances

Is The PM Being Coy About Chopper Numbers?

New Strain Of Flu Virus Found Scientists Confirm

A new strain of the flu virus is deliberately hiding important news from the bed ridden, scientists have claimed today. The new virus called sneaky flu has only recently kept a sizable lottery win from a Spanish woman in order to keep her misery going a little longer. Scientist from around the world discovered the … Continue reading

Minister in Sex Expenses Exposure

A Labour Cabinet Minister has confirmed that he will repay £22,300 in allowances following media revelations about his secret liaisons with prostitutes.The Labour MP said he had kept to the rules but stories about how much he claimed back on whips, baby oil, love toy’s and fundoms as expenses had caused a “massive blow” to … Continue reading

Gordon Brown Gives Biggest Signal Yet About His Handling Of The World Economic Crisis

Prime Minister Gordon Brown Denies He Caught Swine Flu Whilst Abroad

World Leaders Thankful Swine Flu Has Taken Economic Crisis Off Font Pages.

Today world leaders spoke out about the possible Swine Flu Pandemic. At a secret meeting held within a germ free environment, world leaders gathered to discuss the on going fear over Swine Flu. They also thanked their collective god’s that something had removed the global economic crisis away from the front pages of every tabloid … Continue reading

Brown Smears – Need For Change

Conservative leader David Cameron has announced his concerns over the brown smears he has had to endure over the last couple of days. We have been notified that Mr Cameron is to seek advice as to how he can clear up the fall out from the sordid business. “I have to admit it was a … Continue reading

Silvio Berlusconi Has A Dr Evil Moment Whilst Weighing Up The Talent

Disco Gordon Dances Michelle Obama Off Her Feet

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