New Car/Movie Tie In To Be Scrapped


As the new sumo season approaches the traditional Yummyyummai took place in the sacred chocolate river: Mikkywai. Every year the sumo wrestlers, who have shed their fighting weight, over the closed season gather on the banks of the Mikkywai and feast in the chocolate river which is naturally occurring and flows out of the sacred … Continue reading

Prince Charles In Japanese Viagra Trials Denial

Man Arrested for Licking Bobbies Helmet

Further troubles in Northern Japan, during a gay rights rally. 24 year old Tung Mi was arrested for appearing to lick the helmet of a senior police officer. Mr Tung, a local dj and former Mick Jagger impersonator, claims he was only thirsty and noticed some watery residue on the tip of the officers helmet. … Continue reading

Rubik’s Cube Has ParentsPuzzled

The Japanese teenager who won the Rubik’s Cube World Championships in Hungary’s capital, Budapest, taking less than 13 seconds to finish the cult ’80s puzzle. Has been toppled from his world record by a baby not due to be born until 8 weeks time. The baby who has not yet been given a name by … Continue reading

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