Parishioner Shocked Jesus Appears In Church

Jesus shocks church goers by appearing during a church meeting and not on a slice of cheese or a coffee cup stain. Congregation at the church which witnessed the apparition were still recovering last night from it all. “It has shocked me I don’t mind telling you!” Mrs Mary Robinson confirmed. “One minute I was … Continue reading

Biblical Diet Craze Endorsed By Son Of God

Jesus Arrested At Wedding Brawl

A member of the general public was forced to call their local police station after a wedding at the picturesque resort of Cana, Galilee after trouble at a local wedding. Officers raided the out of hand party after Jesus openly refused to produce a large quantity of wine as promised. Jesus, one eyewitness confirmed, had … Continue reading

Americans To Turn To God For Guidance Over Health Care Issue

40 Days Of Fasting By Jesus : The Truth Is Out

Jesus on Marmite Jar Actually Rock Legend Instead

After the recent publicised sighting of Jesus in a jar of Marmite, the dead spirit of rock legend Frank Zappa has come out in the press and blasted media hype and inaccuracy. The former rock star this morning spoke out in a disembodied way to ask why it is always claimed to be Jesus on … Continue reading

Devil Speaks Out At Inconsistency Of Jesus Media Coverage With His Own

The devil came out in the press today to denounce the continuous publicity his arch enemy Jesus has been getting in the news. The Devil AKA Old Nick and Beelzebub, bemoaned the fact that Jesus has been reported in the last few months as appearing on a cushion, crisp, toast and lately a chunky Kit-Kat. … Continue reading

ANL’s Range: Biblical No More Nails For All Crucifixion Needs

Happy Easter To You All

Jesus Denies He Ever Appeared On A Cushion

Thousands of people who flocked to a Roman Catholic church on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion after believers said they saw the “face of Christ” in the pleats of a church cushion have been left disappointed today. This was after it was realised that they had been looking at the wrong cushion. Church … Continue reading

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