At The Movies: Edward Scissorhands

The Rank News alternative movie posters. Today we look at this weeks Labour Party Conference and their new elected Party Leader Ed Miliband.

Government Refuses To Turn Up For Work Unless Labour Party Removed from Opposition Benches First

The Nation was shocked yesterday when the government asked that an amendment to the normal procedure for Prime Ministers question time be made. It would appear that the Coalition Government are refusing to attend the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Question Time unless the entire opposition are removed first. In a week of the … Continue reading

Brown To Unveil Labour’s Election Slogan

British Relax Assisted-Suicide Laws

David Blunkett Expenses Scandal

The MP expenses scandal continued today with new revelations that David Blunkett had claimed for a motor bike a hand glider and 2 pairs of binoculars. The claims have been denied By Mr Blunkett but an inquiry is imminent.

Brown Smears – Need For Change

Conservative leader David Cameron has announced his concerns over the brown smears he has had to endure over the last couple of days. We have been notified that Mr Cameron is to seek advice as to how he can clear up the fall out from the sordid business. “I have to admit it was a … Continue reading

Look A Likes

Office Retirement A Bit Of A Stinker

Aging office lothario from Manchester, retiring after 35 years with same company was surprised today after being confronted with room full of past conquests. Area director Ken Stott confirmed it was a sad day for the company but a happy one for 20 year olds in the office.

Police Called to Mass Brawl At Wedding.

A member of the general public was forced to call their local police station after a wedding at the picturesque resort of Cana, Galilee after trouble at a local wedding. Officers raided the out of hand party after Jesus openly refused to produce a large quantity of wine as promised. Jesus, one eyewitness confirmed, had … Continue reading

Look A-Likes

Old joker back in the government again.

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