Conspiracy Theorists See Signs Everywhere

News has hit the front desk that last weeks fly pass by the Red Arrows over the London skyline gave Diana conspiracy theorists something to talk about. Mr Al Fayed was not available for comment but our exclusive photograph does appear to spell out a hidden message.

Royal Plot A Lot Of Crock

Did Prince Phillip kill Lady Diana and her boyfriend? Mr Al Fayed who has pursued this matter vigorously in the courts is determined to get to the truth no matter how much he pays for it. Rumours still circulate over this often asked question so much so a written denial from Buckingham Palace has been … Continue reading

Burrell Comment On Being Asked To Return To Court Case…

Al Fayed’s Hamster’s Diary Serialised Exclusively In The Global News Terrorists

Dear Diary, 20 February 2008. I have been feeling for some time now that I am being used in some way by my owner Mr Al Fayed. I cannot put my little pink finger on it but somehow I feel embroiled in a conspiracy theory involving members of the Royal Family. Since I was rescued … Continue reading

Paul Burrell’s New Book On Lady Di

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