Britains Worst Serial Killer Arrested

The Merseyside Police Force is currently investigating a local man in connection to a string of disappearances over the last 30 years. 50 year old Albert Fish was arrested at his home on Tuesday evening after a tip off that a string of girlfriends have disappeared under very suspicious circumstances. Mr Fish who was well … Continue reading

Merseyside Police To Investigate Jury Tampering at Steven Gerrard Trial

By Eric Shun

Office joker only stopped laughing when joke went wrong

An office joker was reduced to silence after having the tables turned on him after 10 years of cruel unacceptable jokes on co-workers. Mr David Blain was your typical irritating office joker who constantly found mirth at the expense of others. It has been reported that he was brought near to tears today after his … Continue reading

Joey Baton Has Time On His Hands

Barton Models The New Newcastle Kit For The Merseyside Police

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