D.O.P.E Den is announced

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has responded quickly to reports from GNT that he was preparing to set up an illegal drug den within 10 Downing Street. The PM’s press officer, Humphrey Dumphrey, has announced that the PM will be adding an extension to Downing Street to set up a new Department to investigate MP’s expenses. … Continue reading

Brown pledge to tackle stabbings

Gordon Brown yesterday pledged to cut the recent spate of stabbings in the London area in a press call. However, it was quickly explained to Mr Brown the stabbings referred to the murder of teenagers on the streets of the capital and not the persistent back stabbings he has endured within his own party in … Continue reading

Nick Clegg’s Sexual Conquest Raises Its Head Again?

Nick Clegg’s ill-judged claim that he had slept with “up to 30 women”, during a discussion of his sexual history with GQ magazine has been in the news again. Just like World War 2 fighter pilots who brandished the side of their planes with pictures of their girls Naughty Nick has been adorning his car … Continue reading

Archive News Report From October 2006 : Straw Seeks To Draw A Veil Over Nudity Claims

Jack Straw has denied rumours that he has for the last 20 years secretly been enjoying the delights of a full burkha whilst in the privacy of his own home. Mr Straw MP for Blackburn and currently the leader of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons has recently been quoted in … Continue reading

Amy Winehouse Parties With Cheeky Girls?

Labour MP Stephen Pound is squirming with embarrassment over pictures of him dressed as a Cheeky Girl. writeCitationsFrame(“http://theglobalnews-terrorists.blogspot.com/”);

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