New NHS Poster Campaign

Childish Laughter Cannot Be Contained As Swine Flu Medication Is Still On Sale

The rising numbers of British men sniggering at the name of the medicine used to fight swine flu cannot be contained it has been confirmed by government officials. The number of reported incidents of men stifling their laughter due to doctors mentioning Tamiflu is causing concern across the nation. Local general practitioner, Ken Stott, blamed … Continue reading

Cameron: NHS My Number One Priority

Conservatives Confirm New Plans To Clean Up Health Service


Government Flushed Over Industrial Action

Reading, chatting, eating and texting are among the favourite activities of Britons on the toilet, according to a recent survey. The study suggests more than 14 million people in the UK read newspapers, books and magazines on the loo. The poll points to eight million people talking – either on the phone or to family … Continue reading

Why doctors should be tested for competence

Unknown souce from the NHS took the above photograph recently. Shockingly it shows two senior surgeons laughing and joking at the pain suffered by a patient. When questioned by our reporter one said “It wasn’t me he did it” Then proceeded to spin around for no apparent reason and fall over a theatre trolley. The … Continue reading

Deadly Inflictions Suffer Under Hospital Restrictions

For some time now hospitals have for want of a better word, dumbed down their cleaning/hygiene policy for the much cheaper practice of disregard and neglect. This cheaper policy has created a hygiene pool of tissue wasting bugs that have killed countless thousands across the country. A hospital in the South of the country has … Continue reading

Government In Spin Over Sweet Mix Up

After the recent upsurge in British people being bedridden by the Norovirus the Department of Health has issued guidelines for anyone who is suffering from the disease. Basically do not go to a hospital or your doctor’s surgery, as you are not welcome. Unfortunately an influx of callers to the NHS Direct phone line has … Continue reading

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