Icelandic Phallus Museum Receives Surprise Package

An unusual museum in Iceland that only contains animal penises, has today announced the arrival of their first ever human exhibit. The Iceland Phallological Museum is located in the fishing town of Húsavik and, until today, contained two-hundred-and-nine animal “penises and penile parts”, including every single species of land mammal in Iceland; except one. Now, … Continue reading

Special Investigation : What Does Nick Clegg Actually Do? Secret Diaries Reveal All

With the Prime Minister David Cameron being out of the country this week as he tours the Middle East flogging shooters, the spotlight has fallen on the Deputy PM, who is supposedly ‘minding the shop’ in the meantime. Yet today it transpired that Mr. Clegg has decided to take the rest of the week off, … Continue reading

Brokeback Coalition Outed By David Davis

David Cameron was last night facing a mounting backlash over his power deal with Nick Clegg after Conservative MP David Davis allegedly ridiculed the partnership as the ‘Brokeback Coalition’. The Right-winger won the private backing of some Tory MPs after reportedly comparing the link-up with the Liberal Democrats to Brokeback Mountain, the Oscar-winning film about … Continue reading

Nick Clegg: The Age Of Plenty Is Over

New ConLib Partnership Starts As It Means To Go On

Clegg May Sleep With Both Men To Try Them Out First

Clegg Unveils Election Manifesto

Clegg ‘happy’ to be a Chihuahua

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said he is quite happy with an opinion poll suggesting that the dog he most reminds people of is the Chihuahua. So he’s irritating, yaps on for hours and his only form of attack is to wee up your leg when your not looking.

Nick Clegg’s Sexual Conquest Raises Its Head Again?

Nick Clegg’s ill-judged claim that he had slept with “up to 30 women”, during a discussion of his sexual history with GQ magazine has been in the news again. Just like World War 2 fighter pilots who brandished the side of their planes with pictures of their girls Naughty Nick has been adorning his car … Continue reading

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