Government To Infect Citizens To Justify £1.24 Billion Costs

The Con/Lib government leader David Cameron announced yesterday that drastic measure are to be made after it was confirmed the true cost of  the recent flu pandemic. THE swine flu pandemic cost UK taxpayers £1.24billion in a “hugely expensive farce”, critics said last night. However, a report, commissioned by the Health Department, says lessons must … Continue reading

Breathing Can Cause Cancer Experts Warn

Breathing could damage your health leading scientists have confirmed. New research by scientists at Manchester University has stated that too much intake of oxygen can lead to cancer. Early test results show that people who breathe too much are more likely to be diagnosed with inoperable cancer. One person who has welcomed the news is … Continue reading

Thousands Of Pigs Slaughtered After Contracting ‘Man Flu’

The British Government has admitted that thousands of pigs have been culled after contracting Man Flu. An Expert who works for the UK agriculture commission said the symptoms are easy to spot. They usually start with a very light cold which usually includes a slight sore throat and a runny nose. The male pig will … Continue reading

World Leaders Thankful Swine Flu Has Taken Economic Crisis Off Font Pages.

Today world leaders spoke out about the possible Swine Flu Pandemic. At a secret meeting held within a germ free environment, world leaders gathered to discuss the on going fear over Swine Flu. They also thanked their collective god’s that something had removed the global economic crisis away from the front pages of every tabloid … Continue reading

Swine Flu Pandemics First Hollywood Celebrity

Victoria Beckham denies her pig like nose is due to the recent Swine Fever flu hitting the globe. American authorities are unsure if this is true and so are waiting on facial experts to confirm one way or the other.

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