Paris’ In Theft Shocker

A burglar broke into the Los Angeles home of socialite Paris Hilton and stole jewellery worth about $2m (£1.3m), US police say.The break-in occurred in the early hours of Friday morning at Ms Hilton’s home in the Sherman Oaks area of LA. Police said a man wearing a hooded top and gloves broke in through … Continue reading

Paris Hilton Denies Dressing Her Dog As Sarah Palin

The Global News Terrorists At The Movies

Archive News: North Korean Nuclear Test

So, North Korea have tested a nuclear weapon…allegedly! Reports in today claim it could well have been a stray US missile from the 1st gulf war. “It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve missed the target”, said a US General. Condemnation has been widespread across the globe. In the UK, Tony Blair frowned, in France, … Continue reading

Paris Hilton Blow Up Doll Issued To U.S Soldiers In Iraq

Celebrity Adoption Special Report

The current trend for Hollywood celebrities to adopt underprivileged children continues to spiral out of control. Last night Britney Spears announced that she is seeking to adopt. After the uproar of Madonna adopting a Humpa Lumpa and Paris Hilton, adopting a right old strop due to no one picking up on her trend of keeping … Continue reading

Paris Hilton In Adoption Sit-In

The trend in Hollywood of late has been to adopt children from under privilege countries. Previous years trends has been as we are all aware to have a miniature dog as a fashion item. Paris Hilton who is known in America for her love of trend setting denounced the move in the press yesterday after … Continue reading

Paris Hilton Receives Top Award

Hilton Seeks New TV Best Friend :Search Is Over

Socialite Paris Hilton’s search for a new “best friend forever” for a forthcoming US reality TV show has ended. Twenty men and women had competed to be the 27-year-old’s new “BFF” (best friend forever) on the show, which will appear on MTV. Paris said in a press release, ” People say I am fickle and … Continue reading

Day 2: Al Fayed’s Hamster’s Diary Serialised Exclusively In The Global News Terrorists

Dear Diary, My owner Mr Al Fayed has been in the news again claiming that I may have been forced by Prince Phillip to drive the Princess’ car and plough Diana into the Paris Tunnel. Thankfully Paris Hilton has stated in the press this afternoon that she wouldn’t allow such activities anywhere near her tunnel. … Continue reading

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