Police Force Unveils ‘Wuff Divers’

Police forces all over the country unveiled their new weapon against crime the Wuff Diver. A police cheif was quoted as saying “It has been called this because of it’s ability to dive into tight passages and wet damp areas that are not accessible to traditional diving techniques”.

Dogs Turn To Drugs To Escape Fireworks

A statement made by the National Veterinary Society today, claims that dogs are turning to hard drugs to escape from their firework nightmares. “Some dogs have been suffering firework distress for many years and are taking to drugs as a last resort”, said a spokesperson for the NVS. Our investigators have uncovered disturbing statistics regarding … Continue reading

Readers Letter:

Your reader who complained about people grooming pets should be on the sex offenders list should keep his nose out of our dogs business. I can assure you we at Kens Kennels do not abuse our dogs well not those under 16 at least. Peter Phile. Nottingham I write regarding you article on nosey neighbours. … Continue reading

Police In 70’s Porn Dog Row

British police dog handlers are learning to give orders to their animals in German after bosses had to import animals because of a local shortage. Unfortunately some have had to be returned to Germany as they only understand 1970’s German porn quotes. The German police are currently looking into the business practices of one of … Continue reading

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