Qur’an-Burning Dipshit Offers to Fight Afghan War On His Own

The controversial Pastor Terry Jones, who plans to stage a Qur’an burning day to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, has today offered to make an astonishing sacrifice to salvage his ‘event’.

Obama Struggling To Kick Smoking Habit

President Obama Finds It Tough In Copenhagen

President Obama Pardons Turkey

President Obama To Host Palestinian Israeli Talks

Hands Off Our Insurance Companies Salaries

Tens of thousands of people have marched from the White House to Capitol Hill in Washington to protest against Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms. Protesters attacked Mr Obama’s administration for what it called out-of-control spending – on healthcare. “We love our country so why change our health care when we rich love it just the way … Continue reading

Putin Asks Obama To Scrap Defence Shield

In a bid to create a better relationship with America, President Putin has once again asked that President Obama reconsider scrapping his defence shield. However this request has been met with a muted response after it was disclosed recently that President Putin had been flaunting his action man prowess in a series of photo shoots. … Continue reading

Obama Urges Shift In Russia Ties

President Barack Obama said Russia and the US are not “destined to be antagonists” and hopes that a change in Russian ties can be made. President Medvedev confirmed that he had nearly worn a naked Hula Girl tie for his meeting with President Obama. Diplomats on both sides have confirmed that the fall out from … Continue reading

NASA Confirms Child Pleasing Experiment To Commence

President Obama, keen to dispel rumours that he is doing nothing but sitting on his ass, was pleased to announce that once the crew on space shuttle Atlantis has completed its work repairing the arm of the Hubble telescope it will carry out an important experiment that could benefit the world. NASA he confirmed will … Continue reading

World Leaders Thankful Swine Flu Has Taken Economic Crisis Off Font Pages.

Today world leaders spoke out about the possible Swine Flu Pandemic. At a secret meeting held within a germ free environment, world leaders gathered to discuss the on going fear over Swine Flu. They also thanked their collective god’s that something had removed the global economic crisis away from the front pages of every tabloid … Continue reading

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