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Prince Harry To Train On Apache Attack Helicopters.

Prince Harry to be let loose on helicopter simulation to give him something to do the Press Association reported today. A quick response from his father, Prince Charles’ household was given upon the news being aired. “Prince Harry’s selection to train on the Apache attack helicopter nothing to do with who he is or in … Continue reading

Prince Harry Caught In Shower With Another Man

Prince Harry Contemplates Suicide

Prince Harry In Fake Photo Scandal

Reports are coming through that a photograph showing Prince Harry in action in Afghanistan is a fake. One major television network is claiming that Prince Harry never set foot in Afghanistan and the picture has been retouched to look like he was serving there. One photographic expert said, “ If you look at the reflection … Continue reading

Prince Charles Reminisces About His Public School Days

The Queen Has Had Enough Of Prince Harry

Prince Harry Shows His Competative Side In Africa

Prince Harry makes a gesture during a football match at a school for disabled children in Batha-Bathe near Maseru, Lesotho. Prince Harry denies the gesture was made after scoring the 28th goal against a goalkeeper with only one arm and one leg.

Prince Harry Shoots Load Into Boys Ass

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