Spector Releases New Album

Pioneering music producer and convicted killer Phil Spector has released his first album in 30 years, his publicist has said. The 70-year-old, in prison for the 2003 shooting of a Hollywood actress, produced the tracks for the record during his two murder trials. BANGED UP IN THE SHOWER is his first album in 30 years. … Continue reading

Josef Fritzl To Release CD From Prison

Thousands of criminal files lost

“Oh no I am going to have to start eating my mum’s cakes now” said a despairing Fingers Mulreaney from Dartmoor. In agreement was Ronnie “Stick em Up ” Smith at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Wandsworth who remarked “it is a sad day for home baking”. By SLAP

Joey Baton Has Time On His Hands

Barton Models The New Newcastle Kit For The Merseyside Police

Hillary Clinton Denies Trying To Drum Up Support In Prison For The Insane

Guantanamo Bay Gives Up More ugly Secrets.

Officials at Guantanamo Bay have released footage of one of its inmates who until recently was a closely kept secret. Prisoner B has been held at the military base in Cuba for crimes against fashion and music. Reports have been made recently that a significant player in the war of terror had been kept at … Continue reading

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