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I was in my works toilets recently and sign said “please depress for a 3 seconds to ensure a full flush.” so I told the toilet about my marriage problems and do you know what it worked? Thank God for British signage. Mr Walter Cross, Essex I find it very upsetting that the BBC’s DIY … Continue reading

Readers Letters:

Dear Sir, I was saddened to read recently that Prime Minister Brown has continued to suffer from “erection problems” since taking over the top spot at No10. Wake up the media of Britain enough is enough. We don’t want Mr Brown’s erection problems splashed across the front pages of our newspapers. Why it is bad … Continue reading

Readers Letter:

Is it me or have roads been getting worse lately. I used to enjoy going for a nice drive with my friends at the weekends. Of late there just seems to be too many dangerous vehicles on the roads. Lt. Armstrong, Basra , Iraq Natashia Kaplinski you would wouldn’t you? Remove all the makeup that … Continue reading

Readers Letter:

Your reader who complained about people grooming pets should be on the sex offenders list should keep his nose out of our dogs business. I can assure you we at Kens Kennels do not abuse our dogs well not those under 16 at least. Peter Phile. Nottingham I write regarding you article on nosey neighbours. … Continue reading

Readers Letter:

After the recent claim and counter claim over that picture allegedly showing little green men on Mars I fail to see what all the fuss is all about. According to the Daily Snail and Daily Excess there are aliens everywhere in this country so why not on Mars?E. Powell

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