Mugabe Ready To Stand For Another Term

Robert Mugabe Declare’s Himself Winner Of 2010 World Cup

Indicted For War Crimes Sudan’s Bashir Visits Zimbabwe

Cholera What Cholera?

President Robert Mugabe has said Zimbabwe has contained cholera – as the UN and a UK charity warned the deadly outbreak was getting worse. “Nonsense I diagnosed the situation myself and can assure you that the epidemic is a figment of the wests imagination.”, Mr Mugabe confirmed to those who bothered listening.

The Global News Terrorists Magazine Extra

Zimbabwe’s Uneasy Balancing Act

Robert Mugabe Attends book fair in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Share Deal On The Cards

Mr Mugabe and Mr Tsvangirai shook hands at their first meeting in a decade

The Global News Terrorists Weekend Magazine

The Suprise Winner Of Zimbabwe’s Got Talent ?

A Mr R Mugabe shockingly won the “Zimbabwe’s Got Talent” TV show at the weekend. Mr Mugabe attended the three week talent show along with thousands of others. Shockingly he managed to do away with the other contestants over a short period of time to take the prize. Who said Democracy hasn’t got a place … Continue reading

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