RSPCA Condemn Woman For Soaking Her Pussy In Shower

A leading Spokesman for the RSPCA has condemned a woman who washed her cat in the shower. Jane Millor said “what this woman is doing is both cruel and stupid. Cats clean themselves and don’t like water. This cat could be seriously traumatised by the experience”.

Twitchers Meet Leaves Chaos In Street

Birdwatchers rushed to see a wild bird that hasn’t been seen in Britain for over 20 years. The sighting took place near Stockport, Greater Manchester. Twitchers, as they are called, had been watching and twitching at the greater yellow rump swallow for 20 minutes when all hell broke out at the scene.“I was watching the … Continue reading

My Pussy Doesn’t Match My Curtains

More pet owners are using lifestyle reasons for abandoning their animals, according to an RSPCA report. The organisation’s staff rescued 7,347 dumped pets in 2007, up 23 per cent from the 5,959 recorded in 2006. Examples of dumped animals included a litter of kittens left in a dustbin bag for bin men and a rabbit … Continue reading

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