Schools Ditch Anti-Bullying To Spy On Child Terrorists

Teachers across the country are to cease from pretending to targeting school bullies and pretend to concentrate on school terrorists of the future instead. After years of inactivity when it has come to sorting bullying in schools, the National Union of Teachers (N.U.T.) welcomed the news. Brian Atos, who works closely with head teachers and … Continue reading


Birthday Cake Causes Parents To Berate

Authorities in New Zealand have caused some controversy due to their plans to stop children eating Birthday Cake whilst in school. Parents have lambasted the idea that this ban will help to ensure that school children will eat more healthily. Protest is garnering a great deal of support across the country from a wide range … Continue reading

A Smack In The Face For Children

A school has been accused of taking political correctness too far after it allowed its young pupils to be photographed whilst in the possession of the illegal drug Ecstasy in the classroom. The controversial picture was produced for a school newsletter recently. Many parents have complained about the matter to Parent Governors Association as they … Continue reading

New Blue Tongue Decease Hitting British Farmers is Marketing Ploy?

British farmers deny blue tongue is a new decease but is in fact super juicy sweets that are leaving a giving the blue tongue to their animals. A local farmer, Mr Ted Frottage explained to our paper today. “What with the recent spate of foot and mouth epidemics across the country it’s turning into a … Continue reading

Big Hugs Doesn’t Mean We Are Thugs

A school in New Hampshire has banned its pupils from giving each other hugs in the class room or playground.. The headmistress Mrs Lawlor has banned this trend due to the fact that the friendly greeting may be used to bully pupils at school. When questioned on the matter Mrs Lawlor replied, “This is something … Continue reading

Brits Think Churchill Didn’t Exist

Are people in Britain losing a grip on fact and fiction? Nearly one in four believe Winston Churchill and Florence Nightingale are myths and more than half thinking Sherlock Holmes actually existed. We spoke to a group of teenager at a school in the heart of England. Terry Ainscoe said when informed of the results … Continue reading

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