G8 Set New Realistc Financial Help For Poorer Nations!

G8 leaders today announced that they will no longer set unrealistic financial aid for poorer nations. This was due to both France and Italy failing to honour their pledge of financial help for Africa at the last G8 meeting in London. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced today that they have decided not to keep … Continue reading

World Leaders Thankful Swine Flu Has Taken Economic Crisis Off Font Pages.

Today world leaders spoke out about the possible Swine Flu Pandemic. At a secret meeting held within a germ free environment, world leaders gathered to discuss the on going fear over Swine Flu. They also thanked their collective god’s that something had removed the global economic crisis away from the front pages of every tabloid … Continue reading

Silvio Berlusconi Has A Dr Evil Moment Whilst Weighing Up The Talent

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