ANL Products : Advertisement

For all those retro whores and office geeks who are looking for the latest in high street gadgetry the new “Dangleberry Storm” is a must for you. Another quality ANL Product at a budget busting £780.00 on pay as you go or free on a 18 month contract at only £300 per month. For any … Continue reading

Over Heard Conversations Archive Special:

Late 1970’s Eric: So what I was thinking was that people would be able to talk to each other across an invisible network as though they were right in each others room. Paul: So it’s like a telephone sex line then? Eric: No. it’s more of a technical advancement of technology but it can be … Continue reading

Police Crime Line Offers Sex Time Instead

People calling a Michigan state police post got an unexpected telephone message about phone sex. Calls to the Riverport post’s main number were met Wednesday morning with a recorded message saying, ‘Have you been naughty do you want a good dressing down? Take firm action and indulge yourself with the most exciting oral conversation imaginable.’That … Continue reading

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