Office Worker Attracts Loner As His Toilet Buddy

Office worker mysteriously develops same toilet schedule with strange loner in the next office we can report today. In one of those quirky unplanned ways Jim Bowman an administration officer at a busy city office has developed a new toilet buddy without even trying. Jim who has been employed at the same firm for the … Continue reading

Government Flushed Over Industrial Action

Reading, chatting, eating and texting are among the favourite activities of Britons on the toilet, according to a recent survey. The study suggests more than 14 million people in the UK read newspapers, books and magazines on the loo. The poll points to eight million people talking – either on the phone or to family … Continue reading

Vatican Deny Shroud Of Turin Toilet Paper Being Used In Pope Benedict’s Private Restroom

A Vatican spokesman today denied rumours that the Shroud of Turin’s ancient image is adorned across the pope’s very own toilet paper. When asked to stop back tracking and wipe the slate clean by an overly enthusiastic local report, cardinal Alphonso had this to say to awaiting press. ” We totally refute such blatant lies, … Continue reading

Police Investigate Toilet Terrorits War Of Turds

The Avon and Somerset Police are investigating a spate of violent toilet related incidents in and around the Bath area. A number of attacks have been made of a toilet kind at certain toilet facilities in the area. Police have unfortunately been combing the area for clues to the culprit’s identity. Chief Inspector Colin Faggot … Continue reading

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